OSHA has a lot of regulations that business owners have to follow to keep in compliance. As an OSHA approved training provider, Lenz Safety has witnessed some companies have struggled with an OSHA inspection, while others sail right through with no problem. So what sets these companies apart from each other?

Above and Beyond OSHA Regulations

When we come to your company to give a course on CPR, First Aid-AED instruction, we don’t only provide quality education, we go a step further. Lenz Safety educates your employees by sharing best practices from other companies, to not only ensure you’re always in compliance with OSHA regulations but that your training is always ahead of the curve in your respective industry.

OSHA Compliance Requires More than Training

We recently provided on-site training for a very professional construction company. You could tell the owner cares about his employees. He did a great job of holding a tough line for his employees in terms of training, requiring them to follow the rules and regulations of OSHA. At the end of the class, I asked him some basic questions about certain safeguards that OSHA requires. He started taking notes on his phone. We found some areas where he thought he was in compliance but wasn’t. Right as I was standing there, he ordered the equipment he needed to reach compliance.

This is a great example of a time that a company was not purposely or knowingly out of compliance and by Lenz Safety taking the extra steps beyond just giving a course of instruction, the company was able to take immediate steps to ensure OSHA compliance moving forward. We built a higher level of trust with the owner, by taking the time to analyze his existing systems and provide feedback. Always remember, we all have the same goals, keeping your employees injury free while being in OSHA compliance. When we come to your company or business, at the end of the instruction, let’s have a conversation about how we can achieve this together.


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