I had the privilege of working with Erin Ennis, owner of Energy Exteriors NW. It’s great to work with an owner who is forward thinking about the safety of her employees. Erin had everyone of her employees attend the OSHA training, including her Administrative Staff.

OSHA Training Tailored to Industry Specific Needs

The employees of her company work with all kinds of saws and other equipment, which have the potential to cause serious injuries and there are specific OSHA rules for equipment use. We started by covering what those specific injuries could be, then applying the OSHA approved medical care for those specific injuries. What I appreciated most was the employees sharing their experiences of how the less tenured employees could keep safe as they begin their careers.

Company Leadership Sets and Models Safety Expectations

Erin is an owner who sets the bar very high for safety expectations, including a 3 ring binder filled every possible requirement for OSHA compliance, which every employee is required to read. I read through the binder while we were waiting for the class to start, it was well organized with tabs and very impressive. She also had an OSHA approved Bloodborne Pathogen kit she had the workers familiarize themselves with at the end of the training.

When you have an owner, senior employees, and high expectations for safety, you have found a place everyone would like to work.


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