I was recently called by an employee of a tree trimming business for a CPR-AED and First Aid Training class.

When I began the class I asked the specific nature of his job, so I could customize the class to ensure the most important aspects of his job were incorporated into the first aid training. His primary job task was to trim trees and branches away from high voltage electrical lines.

Why OSHA Safety Training is Necessary for High-Risk Jobs

I asked him about the specific safety procedures that were in place if a co-worker had an accident on the job and came into contact with a live power line. He had a basic knowledge how electrical current followed the path of least resistance, which nobody can see through by mere observation. He explained that he had practiced running as fast as he could to leap through the air onto the back of the truck and bring his co-worker down from the bucket list.

Since electricity wouldn’t travel through the rubber tires, he thought it would be a safe maneuver. His backup plan was a 6′ fiberglass pole that would enable him to operate the controls of the bucket while standing by the truck, but not too close to it. I found his answer, SHOCKING and knew that proper OSHA Safety Training could potentially help this individual save a life.

Lenz Safety Partners with Clients to Customize Safety Programs

This is an example of a situation where Lenz Safety worked with the employer and employees confidentially, to develop an emergency plan if an on the job accident were to occur. At Lenz Safety we have certified OSHA trainers with extensive experience and our goal is to ensure that you have all the current training and knowledge to be safe in your profession. We work together as a team; management, employees and Lenz Safety so we can anticipate and plan for such an event. This provides a learning environment where nobody is embarrassed and more importantly everyone goes home safe!


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