I was recently called by the Foreman of a Construction Company who asked if I would consider being their Safety Manager for an upcoming job removing Optic Fiber.

The Risks of Working with Optic Fiber

Optic fiber is a highly dangerous material, let me tell you why. If a shard of fiber were to break off, you can’t see it. There are very specific OSHA rules in handling this material, and we are teaching them all during our construction safety training. If you were to get a sliver of it in your finger, you can feel it, but not see it. If a sliver gets in your eye, the physician can’t see it and you could be blinded by it. If you inhale a piece of it and it travels to your lungs, you could hemorrhage and bleed to death.

I discussed some of the OSHA requirements with the Foreman and asked if his team had any experience removing optic fiber, he responded “no”, but didn’t feel it was that risky if they wore gloves, eye protection and didn’t breathe any pieces into their lungs. He was going to speak with his boss and get back to me the next day.

Partner with OSHA Trained Experts to Get the Best Construction Safety Training

This is an example of how Lenz Safety puts safety education first with each and every client, from the first point of contact. We ask the difficult questions that help to identify gaps in existing safety protocols. Your health is important, your loved ones count on your safety every day. During our construction safety training, we will educate you and your organization on how not to take needless risks with your employee’s health and lives.


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