Learning By Doing

Our occupational health and safety training will have you performing the methods and best practices of administering First Aid, CPR and Automated External Defibrillation in the classroom.

You will be clearing foreign airway obstructions (choking), controlling bleeding, and learning about patient recovery positions, burn care, lost teeth, impalement, and open chest wounds. We also demonstrate how to administer Narcan, which is a medicine which blocks the effects of an opioid overdose.

Bob Lenz’s Philosophy

“I know, through my life experiences, that anyone can learn new things. Some people learn from scratch, while others may just need a refresher course to pick up new techniques. One size learning style doesn’t work for everyone. Lenz Safety trainers specialize in finding out what learning style fits your organization and collaborate with you to develop a customized safety class to meet your specific needs.”

Why First Aid Training and Safety Education?

Early in my adult life, I was recruited into the Armed Forces.  I had never really been injured in my life, but that changed quickly.  After finishing my initial training I was stationed in a remote desert assignment. One sunny morning while taking advanced combat training, the unthinkable happened, I had my carotid artery lacerated and was bleeding to death. I also suffered a significant traumatic brain injury and internal bleeding.  I owe my life to a soldier who was a combat medic. He controlled my bleeding and shock from a loss of blood. I finished my military career as a Decorated Military Hero and I’m here to tell you, you can make that difference in someone’s life, as that man did in mine.

After leaving the military I was immediately hired by the Washington State Patrol.  I received approximately 3 years of emergency medical training. This intense training included having to swim down in a river approximately 15′ in depth to save a person, bring that person to shore and conduct CPR.  I loved it!

First Aid Responder and Teaching Experience

Being a man of my stature, I was stationed in the most remote outposts, which required a responding to almost any medical emergency you could imagine.  I held many assignments during my tenure, to include twice holding teaching certificates to teach emergency medical care at the college and industrial level.

Midway through my career, I was asked to manage a new unit in the Washington State Patrol, a Crime Scene Investigation Team.  We investigated some of the most horrific crimes known to humans. During that time I worked closely with Dr. Archie Hamilton conducting Forensic Pathology examinations.  This experience truly gave me more of an insight into providing a higher level of expertise of how to save people’s lives.

A Modern Approach to First Aid and Safety Education

I was quickly promoted to a District Commander for Northwest Washington and began 4 years of work with an Industrial Psychologist on how to more effectively deliver first aid and safety training to students, to improve their comprehension and recollection when called to act upon that training.   

Around this time I was beginning to be recognized around the State of Washington as being a subject matter expert in training philosophies. I was recruited and hired by the Washington State Department of Transportation to manage their safety program for Northwest Washington.  The first paradigm shift I implemented was to reward employees who use good safety practices and hold those who don’t accountable. It began a new way of thinking, in which employees were welcomed to become involved in their own safety, and encouraged to participate in proper safety practices.

CPR, AED and First Aid Training Make a Difference in Our Community

I have instructed healthcare and safety classes in the United States and Europe and have developed medical programs for the United States Military, European Governments, Washington State Department of Transportation and State Patrol (both construction and administrative). CPR, AED and First Aid and medical care have been a large part of my life because I care about people and my community.  Let’s work together in making a difference.

Bob Lenz


Lowell Porter’s Philosophy

My Journey in Safety

My journey in First Aid, safety education and helping others in times of medical crisis and emergencies began as a teenager and college student when learning to mountain climb, hike in the backcountry and scuba diving throughout the state of Washington. Due to the risks experienced during these outdoor activities I obtained first aid training from a basic level all the way to being certified as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). All of this training was put to work when helping several injured people who needed immediate emergency care and first aid, many of whom were miles from any medical aid and treatment. These experiences were life altering and would guide the rest of my life.

The above experiences led me to a 25-year career with the Washington State Patrol (WSP) where I moved through the ranks from Trooper to Chief with assignments both operational and administrative. During these years I operated in the field as Trooper and Sergeant where I responded to hundreds of calls where people were severely injured and in need immediate medical aid. This work included becoming one of the first NHTSA Drug Recognition Experts (DRE) and Program Manager in Washington State.

I was fortunate to be appointed as the Director of Human Resources (HR) for the WSP where I was responsible for managing and overseeing all the health and safety programs within the department. The cumulative results of this work ensured the WSP, and its 2,700+ employees remained in full compliance with OSHA, WISHA and Labor and Industry regulations.

In the next phase of my public safety career, I was appointed as the Director of the Washington Traffic Safety Commission, the Governor’s Cabinet Agency responsible for leading all traffic safety programs in Washington State.

Next, I was appointed as the Director of Pierce County’s Department of Emergency Management (PCDEM), one of the largest departments of its kind in Washington State. Enhancing emergency preparedness for the region’s citizens included ensuring they were trained in First Aid and prepared to render assistance to those injured during emergencies and disasters. Additionally, I led the Pierce Counties Office of Emergency Medical Services and was responsible for coordinating additional missions involving search and rescue (SAR) operations at the local, regional, state, national and on occasion inter-national levels.

The cumulative impact of my 39 years of public safety experience has driven me to continually grow and develop as a public safety professional, safety practitioner and advocate. This is why I have joined the Lenz Safety team to continue on my life’s mission of doing whatever I can to save lives and prevent injuries. This all starts with quality First Aid training and that is where I chose to invest my knowledge, skills, and abilities as a seasoned safety professional, trainer and advocate. I look forward to serving your First Aid and safety training needs by leveraging all of my experience and training to the benefit of you, your organization and those you serve by creating levels of success that were not possible in the past!

Training/Instructor Experience:

  • Commercial Vehicle Crash Investigation
  • WSP Field Training Officer (FTO) – Trooper Cadets
  • WSP Special Weapons and Tactics Instructor
  • Drug Recognition Expert Instructor
  • NHTSA Law Enforcement Liaison Instructor


Lowell Porter

Safety Professional, Trainer and Advocate

Together we can make a difference.


Community Support

Community is important to our safety trainers. Lenz Safety gives approximately 15% of all class tuition back to causes and charities in the local community of Everett and Snohomish County. We help organizations who care for sexually abused children, families who have lost loved ones to murder, special needs children, homeless children, and underprivileged high school kids.